AMHA National Open Barn Day

“Day of the Morgan" “October 28, 2017” Featuring An AMHA National Open Barn Day In an effort to introduce people who are unfamiliar with Morgan horses to the breed we love, AMHA is organizing an event targeting the general public. Open Barn Day is a nationwide effort to publicize the American Morgan Horse where visitors can get an up close and personal introduction to the best American breed on the earth (Sessink, 2017). Reference: Sessink, S. (Ed.). (2017). Day of the Morgan. Retrieved July 19, 2017, from

Our farm is participating in this new and exciting event. We welcome all visitors.

Visiting hours are from 9:00am—7:00pm all day Saturday

New Barn Grand Opening Soon!-Right on Schedule!

Our new barn is right on schedule for complettion and its Grand Opening is set just in time for October 28, 2017 in celebration of AMHA's "Day of the Morgan." Come join us on this day while we celebrate the American Morgan Horse and our new barn.

A Special Thanks To Our Partner

James Lamoureaux

We love you and are thrilled to have you as a part of our family!

2018 Breeding season specials & discounts

We are offering a $50.00 discount for early bird bookings. Discount will be applied to the stud fee. There is a $150.00 non-refundable booking fee due at the time of booking. in addition to the stud fee. Pease visit our Stallion Barn for more information on booking one of our outstanding stallions.

Announcing our 2017 Foals

FSF Thelma's Sweet Melody

 (Venturous Valor x Kings Cross Legacyoffaith)

FSF Valor's Golden Knight

(Venturous Valor x FSF Jennifer Ashley)

Introducing "Mary Jane"

Introducing "Mary Jane" foundly known as "MJ" who is our sweet baby Katahdin Hair Sheep. MJ is currently in training to be my service animal. MJ was rescued from birth when her natural mother abandoned her. We have been bottle feeding her since she was 6 days old....

Our New Bacon Seeds Have Sprouted!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our Farm's very first litter of piglets. Sally Sow gave us a beautiful litter of fully spotted piglets yesterday, August 31, 2017. We are keeping 2 piglets and the rest will be rehomed. We have now aquired Jack (dad) so future garden grown bacon seeds will continue to sprout for Jack & Sally. We will keep ya posted as the garden grows.