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Boarding & New Barn

Details On Our New Barn

We began the building the new barn of our dreams in 2016. It is being built by family not a hired company. Finally, we are close to completion on the barn. Measurements are 40x84 ft and includes 14-12x12 stalls. Each stall has its own electrical outlits and lights. The barn is constructed of high quality wood and rough cedar trim. All hardware is done in a nice black finish. Once the 2 sides are complete we will tie both sides together with a roof. Custom Dutch Doors feature a second interior door with bars to allow for better airflow and as a added safety feature. *Follow us for more updates.

Barn Construction Updates

September 30, 2017

We have our first update since we built this web page.

We tested this theory prior to making any changes to pur plans. We found an issue and are changing the design to detour and unforseen damages by the horses until we can put in the insulation and interior walls. This will protect the back walls until we can finish the interior walls. We have to have at least the main frame completed enough to get us through the winter and can finish up in the spring. It seems the winter wants to come a bit early this year. We placed a kick plate on the interior back wall in "kick range"  so if the horses kick the back wall they cannot damge the back exterior wall. Updated pictures in the photo gallery.


Coming Soon

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Basic Flat Rates

Full Board-$600 per month

Partial Board-$400 per month

Words of Wisdom

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