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Introducing "Mary Jane" foundly known as "MJ" who is our sweet baby Katahdin Hair Sheep. MJ is currently in training to be my service animal. MJ was rescued from birth when her natural mother abandoned her. We have been bottle feeding her since she was 6 days old....

Life On The Farm

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Life As A Service Animal

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Mary Jan's achievements as a medical service animal.

Our Katahdin Sheep-"Another Pride and Product of America!"

Like  the "American Morgan Horses" Katahdin sheep are a true product of America. Katahdin sheep are American made and originate from Maine. They don't produce wool therefore no need to shear them. Unlike wool sheep Katahdin's shed their coats naturally. They are a breed of hair sheep so not known for their fleese because they don't have any. These sheep are considered as meat sheep. I have found out since obtaining MJ there is more to these sheep than just dinner. I have found out that they are very inielligent and can learm just as easily and quickly as any dog. She actually preforms her duties better than my service dog and she takes her job very seriously. Since aquiring MJ we have brought home 5 more of these wonderful sheep.

We have more information and facts  to share with you and are soon to come about Mary Jane and this wonderful breed of "American" made sheep. Follow MJ and her progess as a service animal by signing up for her newsletter and frequently visiting "Mary Jane's Place" on our website.

We would love to hear from you about your Katahdin sheep and your experienes with this amazing pride and unique product of America! More coming soon.....

Mary Jane's YouTube Videos

Check out this great video of Mary Jane bottle feeding.


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